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Musicians’ Rights Organization Canada (MROC)

What is MROC?

The Musicians’ Rights Organization Canada (MROC) is a not – for – profit collective that collects and distributes royalties for performers. These royalties are payable under copyright legislation and reflect the rights of performers to be paid fairly for the broadcast and public performance of their recorded works. In Canada, these royalties cover a variety of broadcasts, including commercial radio, CBC radio, satellite radio and background music.

Until recently, only songwriters have received royalties when their songs have been broadcast. Organizations like SOCAN are responsible for distributing these royalties to songwriters. Now, because of legislation that recognizes the contribution of performers in the creation of sound recordings, royalties are also available for performers. MROC is responsible for distributing these royalties to performers.

How does MROC work?

If you are a musician or vocalist who has performed as a featured or background performer on a sound recording in the last 50 years, MROC may have royalties for you.

Who should register?

All VMA Members should register for MROC. You can also register if you are not a member of the VMA/CFM/AFM. There are certain deadlines to receive money from some programs like the Canadian tariff on blank media, so register sooner rather than later.

How do I register?

Register Online or fill out the MROC Registration Form

Where can I find more information?