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Profile Information

: Samuel Adimora
: Sam Chimes
: 1989/09/03
: 2021/07/07
: (604) 441-7267
: (778) 775-7608
Loop PedalSynthesizer
Sam Chimes is a multi-talented musician. Chimes' music has been influenced from his years moving around the world. He was Born in Africa, lived in Brunei, South East Asia, and he now resides in Canada. With his jazzy, soulful vibes, he uses a looper and a microkorg synthesizer to create instrumentals on the spot, layers his voice, and performs for his audience. Chimes has performed in 8 countries outside of Canada. He recently came back from his second world tour, performing at showcases in Australia, and street performing in between. He is now working on studio recordings and music videos soon to be released. Sam Chimes will leave you mesmerized and inspired. Instrumentation: RC-30 looper, MicroKorg S Synth, Sennheiser e935. This artist self-identifies as: Artist of Colour.